The ‘How Tos’ of Investing

511 Rules of the game 2

By John Sage

As an experienced developer, I know that if you break certain rules, and you’re going to get punished. Since you were a kid, you had to follow your parents’ guidelines of the house.


The truth is, there are rules for whatever in life. Some guidelines are plainly stated, and you can read them, while others go unmentioned (that’s why they call them unmentioned guidelines). The same is true for constructing wealth and adopting a wealth-focused state of mind. You should follow the rules.


However you might be asking, “What are these guidelines, John?”


Today I want to kick off this series on Guidelines of the Video game by getting you to believe in a different way about your life. You can’t flex the rules to your benefit till you understand what they are!


What is a Guideline?


Prior to we begin, let me cover a couple of basic concepts and principles for the slower audience (you understand who you are).


What is a rule? Well, a guideline is basically a broad classification of beliefs that specify how someone believes the world operates. The keyword here is “believes.”.


Most of the time, people are operating on rules that they set for themselves without even understanding it.


Rules You Believe Exist


What are some guidelines you might unconsciously follow? Well, in my line of work and individuals I have actually connected with, I have actually found these to be extremely common:

  • You need to work more to make more money.
  • If you are a hard worker, your work will be rewarded.
  • You need to go to school to get an excellent task.
  • The government will look after you in retirement.


Want to know a common thing among all of these guidelines? More times than not, these rules are broken.


Find out more about why we fail financially here:


In reality, you’re the just one picturing them, and everybody else is doing simply great without them.


The Flip Side


If these imaginary guidelines don’t exist and everybody does not follow them, what’s stopping you from following your own set of rules? In fact, rules are important; it’s simply vital you’re following the right set of rules.


Guidelines should be empowering, they need to set a requirement of conduct for you to follow, they need to have a cause-and-effect relationship with your outcomes, and they should set your procedures and procedures.


Stay Tuned


Did I interest you? Follow me on social media and this developer blog and get all set for the next entries in their series where I’ll begin showing you the guidelines I follow and recommend to others.




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